KISS.CSS is a Stupidly Simple Responsive CSS Boilerplate

Keep It Simple Stupid!

What’s included?

Here’s some of the classes, modules and styles available in KISS.CSS

Unordered lists

  • Solid bullet points (.solid-bullet)

  • Ghost bullet points (.ghost-bullet)


  • Solid button (.solid-button)

  • Ghost button (.ghost-button)

Headers and Paragraph

  • Header (h1)

  • Sub-header (h2)

  • Paragraph (p)

It’s Lightweight

Because KISS.CSS only contains a few of the many many CSS styles available it’s very very light indeed. Why? We just prefer to Keep It Simple Stupid.

It’s Responsive

KISS.CSS only includes some basic media queries to get you up and running. These have been designed in accordance with Google Resizer in mind.

Work to a max-width

KISS.CSS has .limit class that contains your design inside a div with a max-width.

Work to 100%

KISS.CSS also has a .spread class that allows your content to fill the full width of the browser. You can also nest .limit inside .spread, perfect for headers and footers!