RNID 1 in 7

A D&AD award winning, audio-driven, Digital Out Of Home promotional poster for Royal National Institute for the Deaf.

Tool kit

This was a project that came out of nowhere and something that nearly never was.
I was Senior Motion Graphic designer at M&C Saatchi's digital arm, Play, and was at the time (2009) predominantly working with Actionscript to produce online ads. I was never a fan of the 'timeline' and as such I'd been experimenting with other things that Actionscript could do.

One afternoon one of the traditional Art Directors popped over and asked if we could discuss how to 'animate' one of the posters they'd been working on.


After I'd been briefed, I started thinking why 'animate' this at all but rather use audio, the one thing the Deaf can't experience, to drive the motion. A quick investigation into the AS3 docs and I found;

var mic:Microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();

Then, once you have the input from the microphone, it's just simple maths to use the 'gain' to manipulate the masks that were covering the message.

Each column was set to react slightly differently to amplitude

column[i].amplitude = mic.activityLevel / Math.random()*20);

and then to add a bit of motion i used my old chum the exponential ease

column[i].mask.scaleY += (column[i].amplitude-column[i].mask.scaleY)/drag

... and that's about it. There were some timeouts in place so the ad could have an 'end frame'

This ran in various DOOH locations including bus stops and shopping centres around London and M&C Saatchi even put on an event in their offices, 'A Night Of Sound', where artists such as Judge Jules and Laythe performed, driving the ad visuals which ran on a 100" plasma screen behind the stage.

It went on to win a Bronze D&AD, Creative Circle Gold, Creative Showcase RUNNER UP and several other awards.

And if that wasn't' enough, I was later interviewed by Campaign Magazine.


You can read the full article in this pdf ... oh, and for the record I never used the word "logarithm".