Super natural email

One of my roles at Super natural was to run the email marketing. The broad strategy was to continue growing the mailing list and to remain in the minds of our clients and contacts.

Tool kit

We achieved this with a number of methods. Firstly, I'd ensure we sent at least one newsletter per quarter. This could contain general news on the company, blog posts we'd written, work we'd recently completed for clients, awards we'd picked up or simply reacting to any pertinent industry news.

My personal favourites however were the "special editions", two of which were Valentine's Day based. Others were to advise our clients and contacts of our Research and Development projects.

My role on email marketing ranged from, creative ideas (usually driven by the R&D projects) copy writing and the occasional poem.

The design and development also fell under my remit and I know a lot of developers don't like email but, I must say.. I absolutely love email development! The Super natural email template is 'fluid' in that it will respond to different screen sizes but I opted out of a multiple column layout.

There were quite a few over the years so I've hand picked some of the gems.

I Love Moo:
Our most recent email was to promote Valentine's day, something I'm font of! The email drove traffic to I Love Moo and to a detailed blog post explaining more about the project.


Vine Masher:
One of largest R&D projects Vine Masher allows users to stitch together any video from Vine to create fun and interesting stories. To show what Vine Masher could do we prepared yet another Valentine's message which also allowed users to tweet their "crush" anonymously. We'd also given TweetieByte a Valentine's makeover but this was controlled via system clock and after Feb 14th the theme would switch back to the non Valentine's version.


Wrap My Chicks Up:
It was Easter and this was a fun project I dreamt be honest it all started with the name. The actual game idea game much later. None the less we wanted to wish our clients and contacts a happy Easter.


Awards and Showreel:
We were in our second year and had enough work under belts to put together a showreel with all our best bits. And as luck would have it we'd also just picked a couple of Lovie Awards Something to shout about I thought.


Thrilla In Mozilla:
In response to Firefox temporarily pausing Flash content and being aware that a lot of agencies were still creating Flash based display advertising, I wanted to remind our clients we were HTML5 ready (and had been for years) and that we'd developed our own Javascript animation library superTween.js There is also a reference to our Browser Support Matrix ensuring our clients were aware we'd thought about the cross-platform implications of working in a world without Flash.