Super natural social media

One of many roles I played at Super natural was running the social media arm of our agency marketing. Pop on over to Twitter to see our timeline.


Allow me to explain the theory. We employ a tagging system on site, each post is marked with a specific tag. HTML5, Design, Animation and so on. It's from this we developed our social media strategy.


Above all else we needed to have a voice and to ensure our voice was heard. To achieve this we stuck to tweeting about things that were relevant to our work, our interests, our people and our on site tags.

From here our producer Danielle Almond created the four content pillar strategy which is used to ensure we're tweeting about the right things.

The four content pillars break down as follows.

There's a full explanation of the content pillars with example tweets in this pdf

After we had a clear understanding of what to tweet about we could ensure the hashtags we used kept us in relevant users timelines. A quick TweetieByte every once in a while proved we were tweeting correctly.

We had a weekly social media meeting and each team member was asked to bring along three tweets they'd written about their respective discipline. (Designers - design related tweets, developers - development related tweets etc.) We'd discuss each tweet, assess the relevance, perhaps tweak the wording to keep it inline with our tone of voice document, then plot it down in our weekly tweet matrix to be scheduled using Tweet Deck later.


After that we'd decided if the tweet warranted an image or if a text tweet and link would suffice. This was also determined by how busy we were going to be that week.

Now, the Twitter timeline is a spurious beast. Sometimes images get cut off, sometimes they don't. After a bit of Google-ing for specs and testing extensively we settled on a 2:1 aspect ratio with the button 'S' Super natural logo in the corner to ensure the core part of the image was viewable in stream.

To ensure constancy we had a template for this which clearly marked 'safe areas' or danger zones as i like to call them, outside of which images may get cut off depending on whether you're on desktop, device, online or in in app.

Here's an example tweet. It was #BritishPieWeek so Danielle baked this tasty Super natural branded pie.


We gauged from the analytics which tweets got the most impressions and interactions and always tried to do more of what got us noticed.

Here are a few of my favourites;

Fancy an #Internship? Spot the #syntax error & Tweet us your answer! #NationalCodingWeek


It was #NationalCodingWeek and to show our support we offered an internship at Super natural. To win we asked potential candidates to spot the syntax error and tweet us their answer.

Ooooooooo.... Aaaaaaaahhh. Bang, bang, pop, pop, whizzzzzz. Stay safe and enjoy the #fireworks! #BonfireNight


Just a little animation from us in celebration of #BonfireNight

Farewell our furry friend #MediaRabbit, it’s been a pleasure! @Thinkboxtv


Thinkbox TV were running a competition and sent their mascot #mediarabbit round to various agencies who were asked to tweet pictures of him during his day at 'work'. Using Photoshop and a few tricks we created an entire story of his day at Super natural.

On the 3rd day of #Christmas my true love gave to me, three @CodePen's!


We did an animation for all 12 days of Christmas This one was retweeted by @CodePen and received somewhere around 10,000 media views, which was excellent for us!

It was fun doing the social media campaigns, I've learnt a lot about what to do, how to do it, what works and should I find myself in a situation with a bigger brand behind me I'd love to continue with idea generation for social media activity.