TweetieByte uses the Twitter REST API to visualise data for any given user's Twitter activity without the need to authenticate.

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We'd experimented with Twitter on some previous projects which got me thinking about what we could do with a user's data. An interesting element for me is that you can glean quite a large amount of data from a user's Twitter account without needing any kind of authentication. Of course a lot of this information is publicly available, and you can see some of it by simply visiting a user's profile page.

However, analysing and visualising this data is the really interesting part.

After a little digging into the API, a list was compiled of all the information available. From here i briefed our illustrator Jane Houghton who created 'Alfryd'. He became our cute face of data! Steve Utting, the developer on the project then put a name to a face so to speak.

Using a series of charts and graphs along with comparing data from one time period to another TweetieByte produces a fun and interesting infographic allowing you to digest your Twitter activity in easy to swallow byte-size chunks.


After launch we kept a close eye on #tweetieByte to see what people were saying, and I'm pleased to report there was a fair bit of activity; some lovely comments, features on blog posts and one user even created a 'How to' screen capture of it and posted it on YouTube

But by far the most popular feature of TweetieByte was the element that told users which other users they tweet the most.


I found this to be an interesting insight and it's given me a much better understanding of what people like to share. In short, having any element of personalisation will help with share-ability.

The Google analytics prove for an interesting read too. TweetieByte has pretty much been around the world. It would also appear that France and Spain really loved it!