Ultimate Ladiator

Ultimate Ladiator searches through users most recent tweets and assigns values to words deemed "Laddy". You can challenge up to 4 mates and the person with the highest "Lad" score wins!

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This project started as a bit of a joke. I thought scanning a persons twitter feed and assigning points to words which I thought made them a lad was something that people might also find funny and perhaps share. In order to take the challenge you have to enter your twitter user name and at least one other twitter user name. Ultimate Ladiator then looks through the last 200 tweets, picks out words that are in the database, assigns a score to each word then displays the results. These results can then be shared with the user that you challenged.

It was a nice idea but in order to be accurate you'd need a huge database of words... and there are a lot of words!

The other outcome of this project is that many words can have different meanings and so sentiment analysis would need to be investigated.

For example:

A: I simply love drinking tea at my grans.
B: I'm proper getting stuck into some serious drinking this weekend.

Since both sentences contain the word "drinking" they'd both get assigned the same score but in the context of the complete sentence B is far more laddy than A.

Aside from the accuracy element, I feel like there's something interesting in comparing one's tweets with those of other users.


The data you can pull from any given user's Twitter account (providing they've not set their tweets to private) is quite amazing, and the social shares we did see for Ultimate Ladiator would suggest that the challenge element was of interest to some people.