Vine Masher lets you search Vine, edit video content and create, save and share Vine video mashup playlists.

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This was one of those little ideas that grew into something much, much larger. My idea was supposed to be simple. Search for Vines and then stitch them together to create short form video content from 6 second Vine clips.

I felt that some of our other R&D projects weren't entertaining enough and with Vine Masher after you've played around a bit you can then sit back and watch your masterpiece.

I think one of the biggest problems the developer Jonny Blok faced with this project is that Vine doesn't have a public API and so a bit of 'backwards engineering' was required to allow the app to look up hashtags and users.


Once this was working Angular played a big part in creating the functionality. A last minute decision (by me) was to include some kind of editing functionality as it became clear that in order to make a really good 'mash' a user would need to trim parts off at the beginning and end of the the original Vine.


Once you're happy with your edit, you're able to save (requires Twitter app authentication) and then share your Mash in the form of a URL which can be tweeted or emailed.

We also included functionality to embed your mash into your own website by allowing the user to copy an iFrame embed code.


We soft launched the site to a few friends first but word soon got out and before we were actually ready The Next Web tweeted about it.


...and if that wasn't enough. We were later contacted by Twitter themselves and invited in for a 'chat'. My first thought was we'd be walking in to a room full of lawyers to be handed a cease and desist order. But, thankfully that wasn't the case. In fact it was quite the opposite. We were asked to present the project along with some of our other Twitter related R&D projects with a view to partnering up with Twitter's creative team who are responsible for using the technology in new and interesting ways.

It's nice to know that after all the hard work my ideas are good enough to peak the interests of both The Next Web and Twitter.

We ourselves used Vine Masher in a valentines promotion to promote the use of the project and added a bit of custom functionality which allows a user to tweet their crush anonymously.

Each of the Vines individually don't really make a lot of sense:
Vine 1 | Vine 2 | Vine 3

But when stitched together using Vine Masher you're able to see the whole story.